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Selecting the Best AC Filter

Air conditioning filters help keep the air you breathe clean by eliminating dust and allergens. The HVAC industry developed the … Continue reading

York​®​ Two-Stage Air Conditioners

Within the York® LX Series is the YFK Two-Stage Air Conditioner. This AC unit provides efficient comfort, system flexibility, and … Continue reading

Do’s & Don’ts for A/C Maintenance

DO clean your air conditioner filter on a monthly basis. DO keep the unit a few feet away from the … Continue reading

7 Memes About Air Conditioning That Are Actually Funny

Air conditioning isn’t the most entertaining topic to talk or write about. We like to take a lighthearted approach to … Continue reading

Typical AC Lifespan

An average air conditioning unit’s lifespan is about 15 years, with some newer models lasting up to 18 years. In … Continue reading

The Real Reason for Dirt Streaking Around Vents

If you’ve been living in an air conditioned home for a few years there’s a chance that you’ve noticed streaks of dirt … Continue reading