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Air ducts should be regularly cleaned for optimal cleaning.

What To Do When Your AC Isn’t Running Efficiently?

Even in the winter, Southern Florida’s highs are often in the 80s with nights in the 70s. Your AC likely … Continue reading

Cooling unit measuring input and output

What Are Air Conditioner SEER Ratings & Why Do They…

When you purchase most large appliances, there’s a yellow ENERGY GUIDE label that shows the efficiency of that appliance. An … Continue reading

Outdoor AC unit for cooling home

Tips for Saving Money on Central AC Repairs

Air conditioning repairs, while necessary, can quickly add up. Take a closer look at some of the average costs per … Continue reading

5 Tips for Choosing a Fort Lauderdale AC Repair Specialist

5 Tips for Choosing a Fort Lauderdale AC Repair Specialist It’s time to find a Fort Lauderdale AC repair specialist, … Continue reading

Did You Know That Florida Laws Don’t Require Landlords to…

When you rent an apartment or condo, you’d expect to have a working AC system, especially in the worst of … Continue reading

Get Ready for New SEER Standards in 2023

As technology and scientific research continually advance, one area that’s getting attention is the effects of modern appliances and vehicles … Continue reading