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Whenever one of the sixty All Year Cooling trucks hits the pavement in Hialeah, we know we’re about to meet some great people. We appreciate the family-oriented culture of the City of Progress, particularly because All Year Cooling has been a family company since it started in 1973. We enjoy taking care of not just our own families and those of our colleagues, but also the families of the individuals who call us for AC installation and repair. We are the local AC experts, so when you contact us about an installation or repair job, we take it very seriously. The great people at All Year Cooling work hard to ensure customers and their families can enjoy the comfort of a properly operating air conditioner. We encourage Hialeah residents to call us at any time, day or night with any concerns about their air conditioning unit. We will send someone out as soon as possible to solve the problem.

Hialeah AC Repair

Air conditioning repair in Hialeah is a competitive business, and that’s why we at All Year Cooling go the extra mile to help our customers get back to the comfort of a smooth-running AC unit as soon as possible. Our representatives are available to take your call at any hour, day or night, and to schedule a time convenient for you for a licensed technician to come out for a free diagnosis. Once they identify what is wrong with a malfunctioning AC unit, they talk with the homeowner about their options for repair. If the homeowner gives them the go-ahead to repair the issue, they’ll get to work, performing the job thoroughly and efficiently. Our technicians provide the level of service we want to receive ourselves, which means that our techs are not only great at handling tricky repair jobs, but they are also punctual and friendly.

Hialeah AC Installation

The friendly experts at All Year Cooling regularly install air conditioning units by the best brands in the industry. Whether you have a large commercial building that needs a new AC system or a single-family home whose AC is on its last legs, we can assess the needs of your space, listen to your concerns, and come up with an effective solution. The square footage of the space that needs to be cooled helps us determine the right size unit, and talking to the homeowner about how the unit will be used and any potential changes in the future gives us more information that helps us recommend an air conditioner. When you call All Year Cooling for AC installation, you can be sure that the new unit will be perfectly suited to your building.

We serve the following Hialeah ZIP Codes and more:

  • 33002
  • 33010
  • 33011
  • 33012
  • 33013
  • 33014
  • 33016
  • 33018
  • 33142
  • 33147

Some of the Popular Neighborhoods We Serve in Hialeah Include:

  • Harbor Beach,
  • Palm Springs North,
  • Moors,
  • Villa Bellini,
  • Marbella Park,
  • Bellagio,
  • West Palm Gardens,
  • Palm Springs Lakes,
  • Westhaven Heights,
  • Palm Springs,
  • Ingleside Park,
  • Sun Tan Village,
  • and Essex Village.


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