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Don’t Let A Busted
A/C Get You Down

Repairing an A/C Unit can take a toll on your wallet but not with All Year Cooling Extended Labor Warranty Coverage.

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Benefits of Extended Labor Warranty Coverage

Extended Labor Warranty programs help ensure that Air Conditioning Systems work when you need them to. They also protect you from large unexpected bills!

All Year Cooling offers a 10 year Extended Labor Warranty to cover Labor and Refrigerant, which is not included in the Manufacturers Limited Warranty.

For Example:

Under the Manufacturers Limited Warranty if you have a failed compressor four years after you purchase your new unit, the manufacuter will only cover the cost of the replacment compressor. You will still be responsible for paying over $500 in labor costs to have the new compressor installed.

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Some benefits included in your Extended
Labor Warranty are:

No Worries On Cost Of
Service Calls
All Year Cooling's 5 Star
No Limit On The Number
Of Repairs
Fast And Easy Access To
The Feeling That You Are Taken
Care Of Should Anything Happen
To Your Air Conditioning Unit

An Extended Labor Warranty through All Year Cooling will put your mind at rest knowing that your investment in a new Air Conditioning System is protected under a Comprehensive Labor Warranty Program for the next decade.

A Comprehensive Extended Labor Warranty ensures that you won’t have any air conditioning repair costs for 10 years after your initial investment.

It is also smart to have a professional perform a routine check in the Spring and in the Summer on your Air Conditioning System. Ask about a preventative manintenance contract today.

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