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Practically all homeowners with a central air conditioner will agree that it’s greatly beneficial in removing the humidity from your home’s indoor air. Although this benefit is taken for granted, not too many individuals know the exact process of how this is done.

As air is passing through the furnace, it goes through the evaporator coil; the coil is sealed into the above sheet metal. This is where your outdoor air conditioning unit brings the cool air. As the air is cooled, indoor humidity is condensed into liquid water. Condensation in an air conditioning system produces gallons of water, so the water that is collected on the coil surface drips down into a rain-gutter pan under your evaporator coil. As the pan is equipped with a drain fitting, it travels to the side of the furnace, through a drain hose, and exits down your floor drain. If a floor drain is not used, the furnace is fitted with a condensate pump.

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