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Optimizing the efficiency of your air conditioner can extend the life of your unit and lower your energy bills.   There are several ways to maintain your air conditioner to insure its longest life.

One of the easiest things you can do to lengthen the life of your air conditioner is keep it clean. Turn off your AC unit, and remove debris, such as leaves, dirt, and weeds, from inside and around your condenser with a garden hose or broom.  Be sure to change your filter regularly.  Depending on how often you run your unit, this may need to be done every 60 days or even every month.  A clean unit will allow for easier air flow and better efficiency.

Installing a thermostat is another simple way to extend your AC’s life.  Having the ability to set your cooling system at a slightly higher temperature during times when you are away from home or when it is less humid outside will allow for less strain on your unit.  In addition, the ability to set the fans on “Auto,” will allow for a consistent, cool temperature without running constantly.

Inspections and tune-ups are another important part of air conditioner care.  To ensure that your air conditioner is running properly, All Year Cooling offers one, two and three year, annual and semi-annual preventative maintenance agreements.  During each of these visits, a preventative maintenance technician will perform factory-recommended services and inspections that will keep your unit running efficiently.  Identifying and preventing small problems before they become serious malfunctions is essential to extending the life of your air conditioning unit and avoiding costly repairs.

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