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How old is your AC system? Most only last around 10 years, though you can get them to run longer than that if you take care of them. However, an older system is also less efficient and that makes it a risk to the environment.

The Earth’s global average surface temperature increased at a rate of 0.14 degrees F between 1880 and 1980. That average surface temperature more than doubled in 1981 and now increases by about 0.32 degrees F per decade.

Between 2013 and 2021, the world saw the ten warmest years in history. Last year, we saw the sixth warmest year on record. This creates a trickle-down effect as warmer temperatures mean less snow, more sea ice melt, heavier rainfalls, and stronger storms. It’s something that’s been a concern for decades, and the government has taken several steps to slow global warming. One of those measures took place in August.

President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 into law this summer. Key points of the act focus on climate change and helping to slow down global warming. The goals are to reduce emissions by around 40% by 2030 and to provide $9 billion in consumer home energy rebates and 10 years of tax credits for homeowners who upgrade to clean energy and energy-efficient HVAC. This means savings for you. If you’re thinking of a new AC installation or upgrading your older system, you can save money.

The Inflation Reduction Act covers more than an energy-efficient AC system. It also offers tax credits if you’ve changed to energy-efficient windows, doors, home insulation, water heaters, and other green upgrades. Households that are considered low- and middle-income can get rebates on energy-efficient appliances, too. The Make It In America provision is designed to help boost jobs in clean energy and ensure Americans are purchasing items made here.

What Tax Credits Are Currently Available?

Some of the tax credits are for EV and hybrid vehicles. You can get thousands for switching to an electric or hybrid car or truck. But, there are even more tax credits if you make improvements to your home’s heating and cooling system, some household appliances, fixtures like doors and windows, and insulation. Take a closer look at the different tax incentives for home upgrades.

The tax credits available at EnergyStar.gov depend on your ZIP code. Here’s an example of some of the available tax credits that are available in 2022.

  • Advanced Main Air Circulating Fans – $50 on energy-efficient furnace fans or blower motors that move air through the ducts, to qualify the fan cannot use more than 2% of the heating system’s total energy consumption
  • Air Source Heat Pumps – $300 tax credit on split systems with an EER greater than 12.5 and package systems with an EER greater than 12
  • Central Air Conditioning – $300 tax credit on split systems with an EER greater than 13 and package systems with an EER greater than 12
  • ENERGY STAR Gas/Propane/Oil Boilers – $150 with AFUE higher of 95 or higher
  • ENERGY STAR Gas/Propane/Oil Furnaces and Fans – $150 with AFUE higher of 95 or higher
  • Gas/Oil/Propane Water Heaters – $300 on water heaters with a UEF of 0.82 or higher or thermal efficiency of 90% or greater
  • Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters – $300 on water heaters with a UEF of 2.2 or higher
  • Insulation – 10% of the cost of materials (up to $500) for caulk, house wrap, spray foam, and weather stripping as well as blow-in, batts, rolls, rigid boards, or pour-in-place insulation
  • Roofing – 10% of the cost of materials (up to $500) for asphalt roofing with cooling granules or metal roofing with pigmented coatings that meet ENERGY STAR requirements
  • Windows, Doors, and Skylights – 10% of the materials cost (up to $200 total for windows and $500 for the rest) as long as the windows and doors are ENERGY STAR certified

These rebates often do not include the cost of labor in the tax credit. That can make it difficult for some to afford the upgrades as labor may be too much. Don’t rule it out. Every state, including Florida, has incentives available. You need to find them or work with a qualified HVAC technician to ensure you’re purchasing the right products and appliances.

Florida’s PACE Financing program works by offering low-interest rates and payments that are made through your yearly property tax bill. It can help you make additional upgrades to your home that help reduce your energy bills, such as solar panel installations that help power your home. Don’t rule out upgrades just because you’re worried about paying for them. There are options that can help.

Florida’s AC experts at All Year Cooling can also help you get financing for up to 60 months through one of our many bank partners or our own internal financing program (no minimum credit score required). You shouldn’t have to suffer with an inefficient system. Let us help you get a system that works for you

Make Sure You Invest in Systems and Qualifying Upgrades

Consider taking the interactive My Florida Home Energy tour to learn where you could make energy-efficient upgrades and what grants, loans, and tax credits are available. It’s a good way to see what’s out there. After that, call a Florida air conditioning specialist to learn more about ENERGY STAR central AC systems. All Year Cooling is happy to go over your options for qualifying AC systems, duct insulation, and attic insulation.

Even if you have a newer AC system, you may still benefit from professional duct cleaning and inspection. If your duct’s insulation is failing or the ducts are filled with dust, pet hair, and other debris, you’ll cut your energy consumption with duct sealing and restoration services.

A professional AC maintenance service also helps boost efficiency. You may find it’s time to upgrade, as most systems don’t tend to live past 10 or 15 years, depending on how much use it gets and how often it was cleaned and inspected.

Is it time to upgrade your Florida central AC system or invest in attic insulation? All Year Cooling can help you choose the right system for your home’s square footage and layout. We’ll go over your options for energy-efficient AC systems that qualify for the rebates available through the Inflation Reduction Act.

It’s a great time to upgrade as we’re offering the end-of-season sale with discounts of up to 15% off a new AC unit, and our installations include a full 10-year warranty on parts and labor! Give us a call or fill out the online form to learn more about the rebates available to you.

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