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Emergency AC Repair: What to Do In Dire Situations

The thermometer is climbing past 89, 90, and heading toward 100. You’re at work and get a notification that your … Continue reading

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At Home Tips & Tricks: How to Make Your AC System Run More Efficiently

You know those years when it seems to go from already hot to even hotter? No matter what you do, … Continue reading

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Air Conditioning for Beach Houses: Making the Most of Your Investment

Your beach home is an investment designed to bring relaxation and enjoyment for years. But, hot, humid weather can make … Continue reading

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Air Conditioning for Garages: Tips & Tricks for Temperature Control

Your garage may double as a man cave for game days, a mudroom where you do the laundry, or storage … Continue reading

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EER Ratings: A Key Metric Evaluating in South Florida HVAC Systems

South Florida homes rely on HVAC systems to control humidity levels and provide cool air throughout most of the year. … Continue reading

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AC Efficiency During Summer Months: Staying Cool Without Breaking the Bank

Summer 2023 was the hottest on record according to NASA’s data. It comes in at 2.1ºF hotter than the average. … Continue reading

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