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All Year Cooling has helped serve Florida homeowners since 1973, with over 350,000 satisfied customers & counting to date. Our air conditioner repair technicians are specially trained to provide effective air conditioner repair, and attend daily air conditioner repair training to stay sharp.

Each member of our team stays current with the latest developments and technology in air conditioner repair. All Year Cooling understands the frustration that air conditioner malfunctions may cause, especially in our warm South Florida climate.

We offer all customers free estimates, which includes a diagnosis of the malfunction and an estimate of the cost of any air conditioner repair. In addition, we work with a variety of air conditioning finance partners, and if you don’t get approved by the bank, we’re willing to offer our own internal financing!

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Learn More About Getting A New AC Unit In South Florida

Installing a new air conditioning unit isn’t always a quick job. Sometimes, people think it’s a simple matter of installing the outdoor unit, the indoor unit, and done. It’s not always so simple. It comes down to how big your old unit is, where it’s stored, and how old it is. You might need new ductwork, an outside pad, etc.

When shopping for a new air conditioner, it helps to understand how long it can take, what to expect during the installation, and what you should do to maximize the efficiency of your new unit. Here’s a quick guide to what to expect.

Start With an In-Home Visit and Estimation

Ask if the HVAC company you’re considering does in-home estimations.  At All Year Cooling, we always come to your house to provide an estimate based on your exact situation. It helps to have an AC professional come out and look at your current AC system, if there is one, and your home’s interior layout. With this information, the correct system is chosen for your needs. Plus, you’ll be able to discuss where the exterior unit is placed. It can’t be too close to trees and bushes, so you may need some site work to be completed first.

What Happens on the Installation Day?

On the day of the installation, you’ll talk to the installation team to go through what happens. You’ll meet everyone before the project starts.

The old AC must be removed. An installer cuts electricity by turning off the circuit breaker. This must be done in a manner that follows EPA guidelines. Someone with EPA certification must remove Same Day Service. Once that’s complete, all electrical wiring is disconnected. A disconnect box may need to be installed if this box is not currently in place.

The wiring is disconnected. Once that’s complete, the old unit can be removed. This opens up the area for a new system to get installed. As modern ACs may not be the same size as the older unit that’s being replaced, the pad that the exterior AC unit sits on may need to be replaced. The ground may need to be leveled at the same time.

At this point, the installers move inside. They’ll remove the indoor evaporator coil by disconnecting it. Once the evaporator coils are removed, the old copper lines are also removed. Depending on the location, these steps can be challenging tasks. If the unit was installed and someone built a closet around it, it may take longer to disconnect it. After they’re removed, the new indoor evaporator coil and copper Same Day Service lines are installed.

The copper lines need to stay straight and not get kinked. Hangers secure them in place. The control wire from the thermostat to the furnace is connected. Filter dryers absorb moisture and filter the air, and those are installed next. The line set is connected, and heat protection is applied. At this point, dry nitrogen is added to protect the copper line to check for leaks and remove any excess moisture and contaminants.
Wiring is connected to the disconnect box and the unit. Condensate drain line helps drain moisture from the indoor evaporator coil, so that’s added. After everything is checked to ensure nothing was overlooked, the breaker is flipped, allowing power to reach the unit. The system is started and tested. It runs for 20 minutes to allow the coolant to start flowing and cooling the air. After consistent checks of the system’s pressures and cooling ability, the installers clean up and install the locking cap on the outdoor unit before they leave.

Most AC installations are completed within eight hours, but some factors may slow down the installation.

Tips for Getting the Most From Your New AC Unit

Once your new AC is installed, follow the maintenance recommendations. The air filter may need to be inspected and changed every few months. Don’t put this off, as it can impact your system’s efficiency. Keep shrubs away from the outside unit. Spray dust, pollen, and grime from the coils regularly. If you can’t get everything off, call an expert for a professional AC cleaning.

Hire an AC specialist to inspect and clean the unit and ductwork. You might be tempted to save money and handle maintenance by yourself, but you may not know all of the components to inspect. You wouldn’t want to have the unit break down on the hottest day of the year.

Choose a Florida Power & Light Participating Contractor. They help you find equipment that does what you need while reducing your carbon footprint and lowering your power bills. With programs that help offset some of the cost of a new AC, your savings add up. All Year Cooling is an FPL contractor. Call All Year Cooling to learn more about upgrading to a new AC that’s energy-efficient and offers savings through rebates.

Schedule An In-Home Estimate Today!

Call or text us at 844-283-5683 to immediately schedule an air conditioner technician to come to your home. We’ll diagnose the issue, present a plan for fixing or repairing your air conditioner, and show you why All Year Cooling customers become customers for life!

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