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Florida is known for its sunny weather year-round. With the sun shining all year long, it’s essential to have a functional AC unit that can keep you cool without fail. Just like you rely on your cool AC to bring you comfort, you can rely on All Year Cooling to repair and maintain your air conditioning units.  All Year Cooling is South Florida & Miami’s top AC Repair Service.

We are committed to giving the best price, service and experience because customer service is our #1 priority. Since 1973, All Year Cooling has serviced more than 300,000 customers and completed more than 150,000 air conditioning installations.

All Year Cooling provides a comprehensive AC system evaluation with every service call. Not only will we ensure your home is cool and comfortable, we will in inspect your AC unit, evaluate your entire ventilation system to where your AC system will be diagnosed without any obligation to continue using our services.

We boast only the finest air conditioner repair technicians. Our technicians are thoroughly screened, tested and trained to ensure effective air conditioner repair. Every member of our team stays current with the latest developments and technology in air conditioner repair. With technology always changing and industry updates happening frequently, we also require additional air conditioner repair training in order to stay sharp.

What you can expect with All Year Cooling’s AC Repair Services:

  • 365 Day A Year Service
  • Free Estimates & Fair, Easy to Understand Pricing
  • The Industry’s Best Air Conditioning Technicians
  • We have an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau
  • We offer financing
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • State-Certified OIR Warranty Provider
  • Fully licensed  and Insured
  • FPL Participating Contractors

All Year Cooling technicians are able to repair almost every brand of HVAC equipment. Here are some of the AC unit brands that we proudly service:

AC Repair vs. AC Replacement:

Contemplating if your AC needs to be repaired or replaced? Sometimes a quick adjustment will restore your unit but how can you determine if this will fix it properly or if you’ll continuously be paying to repair it in the future?

An air conditioning unit lasts on average 10 years, so if you’ve had your unit for longer, we would recommend having a technician examine your unit for an expert opinion. With the tropical climate we have in South Florida, most air conditioning units run year round which causes them to exude more energy and requires more upkeep. For example, if your unit is freezing up it may just need a new filter. In other cases, it may be more serious and the best long-term solution is replacing it. If you aren’t sure which category you fall under, give All Year Cooling a call!

Call today and speak to our expert staff for tips on AC repair vs. AC replacement.

Extended Labor Warranty

Why pay yearly for a service contract you don’t need? Just pay $1,497 for 10 years of coverage with our Extended Labor Warranty! Get better service with All Year Cooling’s trusted contractors than whole home contracts.
  • No limit on the number of repairs
  • Minimal out of pocket cost for 10 year coverage
  • Licensed and Bonded State of Florida – License #CAC058160

Schedule a Service Call!

Call or text us at 844-283-5683 to immediately schedule an air conditioner technician to come to your home. We’ll diagnose the issue, present a plan for fixing or repairing your air conditioner, and show you why All Year Cooling customers become customers for life!

Common South Florida AC Repair Troubleshooting Tips

Your AC isn’t blowing cold air. Before you panic, look at some of the most common AC problems. Sometimes, a quick repair from a technician is all you need before your home is cool and comfortable again. When repairs are required, it’s usually one of these components.

The Air Filter

Air conditioners use filters to remove allergens and dust from the ductwork. It’s crucial to ensure you’re breathing clean, cooled air. Check and replace or clean your AC regularly. The frequency depends on the model and dust/pollen levels in and outside your home.

How can you see if the AC filter needs replacing? Perform a visual inspection. Hold it up to the light. Can you see the light through it, or is it too dirty? If it’s dirty, it’s time to change it. When the filter is clogged, it reduces airflow, which can cause your AC unit to work too hard and freeze up.

Breakers, Capacitors, and Fuses

The role of breakers and fuses is to keep motors and compressors within the AC from overheating. If a breaker or fuse blows, it’s a component that prevents costly damage. The fuse or breaker is replaced instead of a whole motor replacement to get the AC back up and running.

Capacitors also help with motor function. Start and run capacitors send the electricity that starts and runs the motor. If a capacitor burns out, the motor won’t run. If a motor isn’t working, an HVAC technician will check the breakers, capacitors, and fuses to see if any of those are causing the failure.

Compressor & Contacts

The compressor pushes coolant around the system, traveling inside and outside the home to transfer heat outdoors. That’s how an AC keeps your home cool. If the compressor isn’t working, the coolant cannot capture the heat and carry it outside.

Many compressor issues come down to having an overcharged or undercharged system. If there’s too much coolant (overcharged), it can build up in the compressor and cause a failure. If there’s too little (undercharged), the compressor will overheat.

Contacts cannot be worn or pitted. If they are, the electricity needed to start the blower, compressor, or condenser won’t start.

This will require a service technician to come out and repair your compressor. 


Air conditioners contain coolant that helps transfer heat from your rooms to the outside. When coolant leaks, the AC cannot work correctly. Your home will not cool effectively. To avoid coolant leaks, have an AC technician inspect your unit each year. Make sure the technician is trained, as an overcharged AC system can be just as problematic.

Drainage Lines and Pans

When drainage lines become clogged with lint, dust, and pet hair, it can create blockages that cause drain pans to overfill. Have a trained professional check and clean the drain lines regularly.

Evaporator and Condenser Coils

Evaporator coils are the component in your AC that help create cold air that travels through the air ducts to cool your rooms. Over time, the coils may rust and need replacing. To ensure your evaporator coils last a long time, have them cleaned and inspected regularly.

The condenser coils are housed in your exterior AC unit. They get dirty due to pollen and dust in the outside air. Clean them yearly with your garden hose. If that’s not cleaning them off, hire an AC expert to clean them using condenser coil cleaning agents.


An AC turns on and off as needed by relying on the thermostat’s setting. If the thermostat is dirty or not level, it can make the AC run too much or not enough.

Don’t Let Thoughts of an AC Replacement Scare You Away

AC repairs often save a lot of money, which is why homeowners prefer to repair over replace. We hope that’s all it takes. But, if it’s not, we’re here to help you make the best decision for your budget and needs.

Ask your technician how easy it is to get the parts needed for your model. If it’s hard to get the parts, do you want to have to wait weeks for them to arrive during the hottest days of the summer? A technician’s advice helps you decide if it’s worth the repairs or if it’s time to consider a replacement.

If your unit is getting older, a new AC unit can be a wiser investment. Incentives through My Florida Home Energy help you save money on new, efficient models. Not only do these incentives help you pay for the new unit, but the savings on your energy bill are astounding.

All Year Cooling is here to help you stay cool all summer. Now is the perfect time to address your AC needs. Your system may just need a cleaning and inspection. It could be something else, but either way, we’ll work with you to come up with the right solution.

Schedule a Service Call!

Call or text us at 844-283-5683 to immediately schedule an air conditioner technician to come to your home. We’ll diagnose the issue, present a plan for fixing or repairing your air conditioner, and show you why All Year Cooling customers become customers for life!

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