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At All Year Cooling, we believe we can fulfill our daily mission of offering same day service and the highest level of customer service while also being conscious of our environment and sustainability at the same time.

This philosophy has allowed us to become one of South Florida’s top air conditioning repair and installation providers while also keeping in mind the environment we all call home.

At All Year Cooling, we implement a variety of policies and procedures that help minimize our impact on the planet. These efforts include:

  • We always recycle any job site materials we can, including packaging and cardboard containers which new air conditioning units come in.
  • Any metal removed from a job site including duct work, air conditioning units, and other metal parts are always recycled whenever possible.
  • We keep our fleet of service vehicles up to date to minimize pollution and environmental impacts from our operations.
  • We offer our customers a line of air conditioning products with varying SEER ratings and educate them on the importance of choosing the right SEER rating for their needs to not only save them money, but reduce their electricity usage.

At All Year Cooling, we want to ensure a clean, green environment for generations to come and are always innovating to minimize our impact on the environment.

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