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Choosing a New AC Unit for Rental Properties: Landlord Responsibilities

Imagine this. You walk into your rental home or apartment, and the cool air you were expecting doesn’t arrive. You’re … Continue reading

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AC Installation Near Me: The Importance of Local Reviews and Testimonials

Finding an AC repair and installation service is already stressful. You need a repair or replacement ASAP as your home … Continue reading

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The Role of Certifications and Licenses in Choosing an AC Company

Whether you’re looking to have your Miami central AC system repaired or replaced, it’s imperative that you understand the role … Continue reading

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AC Installation and Solar Power: A Green Energy Combination

Renewable energy sources and energy efficiency are key players in green energy. When you draw electricity, that power has to … Continue reading

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AC Maintenance Tips for Historic Homes in South Florida

The Barnacle is the oldest home in Miami. Built in 1891, this home has large porches surrounding the bungalow and … Continue reading

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The Impact of Dirty Coils on AC Efficiency

Both the indoor and outdoor units in your home’s central air conditioner have coils that need to be kept clean. … Continue reading

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