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Do I Need Attic Insulation In Miami

In any home, hot air flows from a hot area to a cool one. In cooler weather, it means warmer … Continue reading

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Why Does My Air Conditioner Smell Bad?

Florida’s been experiencing unusually warm winter weather lately. Central Florida was ready to break records with temperatures climbing into the … Continue reading

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My Air Conditioner Is Making a Loud Noise

It’s so hot outside, and you weren’t ready. Your central air conditioning system is getting more usage than it typically … Continue reading

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How To Save Money When Buying a New AC Unit

Depending on your home’s size, layout, and current AC set-up, it can cost anywhere from almost $3,300 to as much … Continue reading

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What To Do When Your AC Isn’t Running Efficiently?

Even in the winter, Southern Florida’s highs are often in the 80s with nights in the 70s. Your AC likely … Continue reading

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What Are Air Conditioner SEER Ratings & Why Do They Matter?

When you purchase most large appliances, there’s a yellow ENERGY GUIDE label that shows the efficiency of that appliance. An … Continue reading

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