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The Advantages of PMAs

All Year Cooling offers air conditioner preventative maintenance to keep your air conditioner operating at its optimal performance. Air conditioner preventative maintenance is an important part of keeping your air conditioner running and can reduce air conditioner repair bills in the long run.

Most understand the importance of preventative maintenance for their car, but many do not realize that their air conditioner should be properly maintained as well. Our air conditioner preventative maintenance technicians perform a variety of factory-recommended air conditioner preventative maintenance on each visit.

We offer one, two and three year, annual or semi-annual air conditioner preventative maintenance agreements. Call us and an air conditioner preventative maintenance representative will offer further details. Always remember to change or clean your filter once a month, and avoid small air conditioner problems growing into larger ones by calling an air conditioner repair technician right away when you notice a malfunction with your air conditioner.

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Inspect Condenser Coil

Check Refrigerant Low Side Pressure

Check Refrigerant High Side Pressure

Check Compressor Amperage

Check Condenser Fan Motor Amperage

Test and Check Safety Control

Inspect Return Air Filters

Clean Drain Line and Add Pan Tablets

Check Evaporator Fan Motor Amperage

Check and Calibrate Thermostat

Oil Motors (If Necessary)

Check Supply Air Temperature

Check Return Air Temperature

Inspect Evaporator Coil

Test Heat Cycle (Fall Check-Up)

Check for Proper Air Flow

Check Expansion Valve

Test Run/Start Components

Test Run/Start Components

We offer multiple preventative maintenance agreement plans, customized to best suit the needs of your home. Our plans range from annual to bi-annual maintenance visits over a 1 to 6-year period!

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