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Your central air conditioning system isn’t cooling effectively. After calling an expert AC technician, you learn that your system is failing. It’s time for a new one. A new AC system is an investment, but there are ways to save money on that investment. Here are the best ways to save money on a new AC.

 Get a Professional Evaluation

 When an AC system is oversized or undersized, it works harder to maintain the home’s temperature, which shortens the lifespan. You might be tempted to save money and replace your existing AC unit, but if you get the wrong system, you’ll waste money.

 Arrange a free professional evaluation from All Year Cooling. Our expert technicians measure your square footage, inspect the existing ducts, and make sure you’re getting the perfect system that will efficiently cool your home and last a long time.

During this evaluation, you’ll learn if your ducts are in good shape. You can save money on a new AC system if you don’t have to replace ducts. Instead, you might learn that all you need to do is have your existing ducts cleaned and sealed or restored and they’ll be like new.

Add Insulation

Cool air escapes your home and wastes money if the insulation in your attic, exterior walls, or crawlspace is inadequate. Plus, your AC has to work harder to keep your rooms cool. If it’s been a long time since anyone looked at your attic insulation or other areas of the home that are insulated, it’s time to have that done. Adding insulation can save a lot of money in the long run.

As an added benefit, you may be able to get a discount on a new system if your AC installer offers additional services like attic insulation. You’re not hiring two contractors, which saves money.

Buy an Efficient System

When you’re shopping for a new central air conditioning system, lean towards a system that’s rated well with EnergyStar.gov. The more efficient the system, even if the initial cost is higher, the more you save on your electricity bills.

Along with a new air conditioning system, look into a smart thermostat. You can accurately set the temperature in your home to be warmer when you’re out and have it cooling back off as you head home. You’ll often find rebates on smart thermostats, so they’re not that expensive to add to your system.

You can also look into systems that you power using solar or geothermal energy. There are many tax incentives for alternative energy, which makes it possible to save money on the alternative energy source and have an environmentally-friendly means of running your AC.

Consider an Off-Season Installation

When people aren’t running their ACs, air conditioning technicians don’t have as many emergency calls taking up their time. Having your new AC installed in the off-season may lead to off-season discounts. You’ll get the system you need for a lower price.

Check for Federal and State Rebates and Tax Incentives

Go to EnergyStar.gov to see what financial incentives are available for heating and cooling systems. There’s often a discount that can help you save money on a new system. As an example, a tax credit of up to 30% is available on geothermal heat pumps until December 31, 2023.

Florida Public Utilities provides rebates to customers who improve their homes’ efficiency. If you install an AC unit that’s rated 15 SEER or higher, there’s a $100 rebate available.

The IRS also offered a Non-Business Energy Property Tax Credit of $300 for homeowners who installed an energy-efficient AC system in their current home. Split systems had to have a SEER rating of 16 or higher. Package systems had to have a SEER rating of 14 or higher. It’s unknown at this point if this program will be extended for the 2022 tax season, but it’s important to keep it in mind when filling out your taxes in 2023. If it’s extended again, that could put extra cash in your hands.

Save Money Over Time With an Extended Warranty

A new AC is expected to last 15 to 20 years. Much of this depends on how well you take care of it. Change air filters as often as is recommended, which could be twice a year, four times a year, or more often if you have a lot of pets. Have your central air conditioning system cleaned and inspected regularly, too. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association recommends having your ducts cleaned every three to five years, too, again depending on how many pets you have and how much your AC runs.

Do yourself a favor and pay for an extended labor warranty. There is an upfront cost, but All Year Cooling’s warranty coverage provides peace of mind for the first ten years. Our policy doesn’t limit how many repairs claims you can make during those ten years. If anything goes wrong with your system, your out-of-pocket repair costs are minimal.

Ask Your Preferred AC Installation Company About Rebates

If there are any available tax credits or rebates available, your AC installer can point you in the right direction. Sometimes, specific manufacturers have limited-time rebates available on their central air conditioners, which you can use in addition to federal tax incentives to save extra cash.

Get Multiple Written Quotes

Shop around and compare prices. When you talk to an air conditioning expert, ask for a written quote. If they’re not willing to put it in writing, move on. When you’re asking for that quote, find out if there are cash discounts. Sometimes, upfront cash payments lead to substantial savings.

Plus, you can use these written quotes to ask one company why their prices are so much higher than someone else’s. You may not be able to talk the company down in price, but you at least get an answer as to why their prices are higher.

Look for Refer-a-Friend Discounts

When you have friends and family looking for a new AC installation technician, a refer-a-friend discount can help you save a lot of money on a new AC for yourself. All Year Cooling offers a $50 cash bonus when you recommend our company to your friends, associates, and family members and they have a system installed. If you know ten people in need of a new AC and you refer them, that’s $500 off your own AC installation.

Remember That Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

Sometimes, the cheapest AC, while better for your immediate budget, ends up being costly. Read reviews and look closely at how long a company has been in business Here’s an example of why this is so important.

A family got several quotes and hired a new licensed, local plumber who had great rates. Two days later, the pipes were coming loose every time the family drained hot water down the sink. The original plumber never responded to their calls or messages, so the family had to hire a second plumber with decades of experience. They learned the initial plumber forgot to use washers. They spent twice as much on that plumbing job by choosing the cheapest quote.

All Year Cooling has been helping families with air conditioning installations, repairs, and maintenance since 1973. We’ve installed well over 200,000 air conditioning units and handled even more repairs, cleanings, and inspections. Give us a call or chat with us and schedule a free evaluation today.

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