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Temperatures in Boca Raton have consistently been in the 90s, but the feels-like temperature that takes humidity levels into consideration has been upwards of 110º F. It’s hot and central AC systems are often the only reason area residents and vacationers stay cool. 

Current recommendations are to keep your home’s humidity levels at 45 to 55%. If they exceed 60%, the risk of mold and mildew is a concern. How do you beat the humidity in Boca Raton? If your AC isn’t doing enough, what are your other options?

Take Short, Lukewarm Showers

A hot shower will add humidity to your home. Take cooler showers and try to keep them short. Most people bathe at least once a day. It is okay to skip days if you’re not excessively sweaty. A daily shower actually strips your skin of oils that help keep your skin from drying out. 

Make sure a bathroom fan is running while you shower or bathe to draw out humid air. If it’s not doing enough and you find your mirrors fog up, it may be a good time to replace your bathroom vent fan.

Don’t Cook Inside

Do not cook inside when it’s extremely hot and humid. Cooking something like a boiled egg, steaming vegetables, or boiling water all increases humidity within the home. Your AC system will have to work to get that additional humidity out. If you need to cook, use the side burner on a grill outside or purchase a single burner that you can use on your patio.

Shut the Blinds

Help your AC work effectively by keeping the sun from heating up your rooms. Room darkening blinds and shades will keep the UV rays from heating the air within your home. You can also use awnings and sunshades outside your home to limit sun exposure on a patio door or large windows.

Clear Out Gutters

If you have gutters, clean them out to make sure any rain drains away from your home. It also helps keep mosquitoes from using wet leaves and standing water to lay eggs. If there are leaks, fix them or have the gutters replaced.

Install and Run Ceiling Fans

Do you have ceiling fans installed? Make sure you run them all day. They help circulate the air around your home. If you don’t have them, consider replacing some overhead lights with ceiling fans. They’ll help cooler air circulate better, which keeps rooms from becoming too humid.

Floor or box fans help if you don’t have ceiling fans. If you have guests visiting for a couple of weeks, those extra bodies in the house can increase humidity levels. Fans can help a lot.

Troubleshooting High Humidity Levels When You Have a Working AC System

Who sized your current AC system? An undersized system may run constantly and waste a lot of electricity. A system that is too large for your home will turn on and off constantly because it cools rooms too quickly. It’s not able to rid your rooms of the warm, humid air because it is starting and stopping a lot.

Your AC is running all day and night, so why is it still so humid? Several issues can increase humidity levels. First is that your condenser coils are coated in pollen, dirt, and grime. Clean them off so that heat transfer isn’t impeded. 

Do you have the AC set correctly? If it’s on fan-only, the heat isn’t going to leave your home. Make sure it’s set on cold to ensure you’re not just recirculating warm, humid air.

Check all of your home’s AC vent covers to make sure they’re not obstructed by hair, fur, curtains, etc. If you have dogs and their hair has built up on the vents, warm air isn’t being removed as effectively. Vacuum vents often. If there are any vents with furniture in front of them, rearrange your furnishings to make sure the air can flow properly.

It could be as simple as needing to replace your air filter. That’s something you can do on your own, so you should check that before you call. When an air filter is dirty, it’s harder for the system to push hot air out of the home and to the outdoor vents. That may cause hot, humid air to build up in the home. Change the filter and see if that helps.

Have you ever had your ducts cleaned? Just as a clogged filter keeps humid air from being pushed from the home, dirty ducts do the same thing. If there is a build-up of lint, hair, dirt, and dander in the ducts, it can reduce airflow. Have the ducts professionally cleaned and inspected for cracks and holes. 

Do you have enough insulation? In high humidity, a home that isn’t well insulated may allow too much humidity to come in from outside. If your home’s not air-tight, additional insulation can help. 

Are your evaporator coils freezing up? If there is frost or ice build-up, it keeps the refrigerant within your AC system from absorbing heat and humidity to transfer outside. What can cause frost to build up on evaporator coils? Low refrigerant levels, clogged drain lines, and dirty air filters can all cause this to happen.

Have Your Central AC System Maintained and Inspected

You should have your AC system cleaned and inspected every year or two. Ducts should be cleaned and inspected every five years. With higher use, you may need to have your system cleaned more often. Filters need to be replaced every two or three months. In high-use situations, monthly changes may be necessary.

Don’t ignore unusual noises. If your system is making sounds you haven’t heard before, call in a professional to service your system. Don’t ignore new sounds. It may not be anything alarming, but it could be costly to ignore it.

If it’s been a while since you’ve had your AC system maintained and inspected, schedule an appointment with All Year Cooling. A properly working AC system will handle Boca Raton’s heat and humidity.

If your AC system is older than 10 years, it may be time to have it replaced. In general, it’s not common to get more than 15 years from a system, and South Florida systems don’t often perform well after 10 years due to the year-round operation. 

All Year Cooling can help you find an energy-efficient AC system that cools and dehumidifies your home. Reach us online or by phone for a free estimate. If your system needs replacing, we offer same-day replacements. You will not be without a working AC for long.

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