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If you have decided to save money on your monthly cooling costs by replacing your old air conditioning unit with an energy efficient model, you might find the available options to be a bit overwhelming. If you have an existing air conditioning unit, you will want to consult a heating and cooling professional before purchasing a new model.

Although the existing ductwork might be fine, you may discover that the compressor on the new AC does not match your indoor unit. If that is the case, you will need to replace your entire system.

Here are a few considerations when purchasing a new unit:

  1. To optimize energy efficiency in your home, you will need a unit that is properly sized to your space. Models that are too large or too small will affect efficiency and performance.
  2. The location of your unit affects its efficiency.
  3. Improper duct installation or a lack of insulation around the ducts reduces the efficiency of your new unit.

The best way to deal with these potential issues when purchasing a new air conditioner is to consult a heating and air professional. The technicians at All Year Cooling have extensive knowledge of all the latest units, as well as proper installation. Call 888-496-4396 today to schedule an appointment.

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