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When you purchase a new central AC system in Miami, it will come with a parts and compressor warranty. That warranty protects against certain issues, but it may not cover as much as you expect. Labor costs and refrigerant levels are often left off standard AC warranties.

Average repair costs range from $100 to $650 according to “This Old House.” Repairs become costly, especially as the system gets older. Once you’re dealing with repairs that exceed $1,000, it’s a good time to consider a new AC system.

Before you shop for a new system, you need to know how to compare warranties. Our guide explores what a warranty typically covers, what’s not covered, and what mistakes people make that void their AC system’s warranty.

Summaries of Popular Central AC Warranties

We’ve looked at some of the most popular central AC manufacturers to get a breakdown of their warranties.


Bryant’s Red Shield Warranty coverage on certain Evolution systems offers 10-year replacement warranties if you register your system within 90 days of installation. Failure of a compressor, evaporator coil, or heat exchanger is covered for a one-time replacement. If you don’t register it within 90 days, the warranty coverage drops to five years.


Carrier’s AC and heat pump condensing units have a 5 or 10-year limited warranty on parts and the compressor, depending on the unit. If you purchase a home with a Carrier AC system, the warranty is five years from the date of the original installation.

Suppose you purchase a home and the AC system was installed three years ago, there are only two years of warranty coverage left. The warranty is void if the unit’s problem is tied to misuse or improper maintenance. To be covered, the issue must be tied to a product defect or poor materials or workmanship.


Daikin’s warranty starts from the date of installation or three months after the manufacturing date. If you purchase a new home with a Daikin system, the warranty begins on the date you purchase the home from the builder. 

The warranty is 10 years and only covers replacement parts. Labor, freight costs, repair technician’s lodging, and refrigerants are not covered.


With a Goodman central AC system, there’s a 10-year limited parts warranty if you register your AC system within 60 days of installation. If you don’t register, it’s reduced to five years. 

If you purchase a home, register as the new owner to take over the remaining warranty. The warranty is only good on parts and not labor costs.

The compressor warranty on a Goodman air conditioner is a limited lifetime warranty. As long as you were the homeowner when the central AC system was installed, the compressor warranty has no expiration. Suppose your compressor fails 12 years after installation, Goodman pays for a new compressor, but you have to pay for the installation costs. 


The Lennox basic limited warranty depends on the AC system. Dave Lennox Signature Collection AC systems have a 10-year warranty on covered components and the compressor. But it’s five years for covered components and 10 years on the compressor if the AC system is a Lennox Elite.

Lennox Merit Series AC systems have a five-year warranty on the compressor and covered components. Lennox Comfort Controls and Thermostats have a two or five-year warranty. You do not have to register to qualify for Lennox warranty coverage.


Compressors have a five-year warranty. Evaporator and condenser coins also have a five-year warranty. Refrigerant leaks are only covered if a factory defect is determined. A handful of models have a 10-year warranty on the compressor.

Rheem’s Air Conditioning Division states that the limited warranty does not cover units that are damaged by improper care, fire, flood, or accidental damage. Labor costs and expenses are also not covered. The warranty coverage’s effective date is the date of installation, and you must have the paperwork from the authorized installer. Otherwise, it’s six months after the manufacturing date.


Ruud backs central AC systems with a 10-year limited parts warranty. It only covers parts like the compressor and not labor or additional components like a thermostat. You are responsible for labor costs, trip charges, and service fees. If the central AC system was installed incorrectly or was damaged from improper use, the warranty is void.


Trane has two warranties for homeowners. The Base Limited Warranty covers units that are not registered or are registered more than 60 days after installation. To qualify for a Registered Limited Warranty, you must register within 60 days of installation. The differences between the two are:

  • Base Limited – 5 years on the compressor, outdoor coil, and parts
  • Registered Limited – 10 years on the compressor, outdoor coil, and parts or 12 years on the compressor and 10 years on the outdoor coil and parts

If the AC system is installed in a commercial setting, the limited warranty on coil and parts drops to 1 year.


York’s warranties depend on the system. Affinity™ Series split system air conditioners have a 10-year parts limited warranty and a limited lifetime warranty on the compressor. This includes a one-year limited labor warranty. You must register the system within 90 days of installation or the warranty drops to five years.

Things to Know About Warranties

Certain habits can void your warranty without you even knowing it. Are you having your system maintained each year? Do you change your air filters as often as needed? Did you have your system installed by an authorized contractor? If not, you may not qualify for warranty coverage.

If you purchased a home with an AC system, register it as soon as you can. Be aware that unit replacement and lifetime compressor warranties are rarely made available to the new homeowner. Continued protection through the original limited parts warranties is all you’ll qualify for.

Parts are replaced with a warranty, but the labor costs aren’t always covered. If a new compressor is needed, the cost of the compressor is covered, but you’ll be left with the labor costs, which may be hundreds of dollars. An extended labor warranty is the only way to protect yourself from paying the labor costs.

Miami AC Systems Benefit From Extended Warranties

With the excessive use your Miami central AC system gets, an extended warranty can be a smart investment. At All Year Cooling, extended labor warranties provide South Florida homeowners with:

  • Unlimited repairs
  • Free service calls
  • Labor and refrigerant warranty coverage
  • Peace of mind for a full decade

All Year Cooling’s extended labor warranties eliminate stress and worry. It’s easy to get the warranty, too. Reach All Year Cooling via email or phone and ask about our AC labor warranties. Once we know your AC system’s make, model, and age, our sales team will go over your options.

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