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The ducts around your home can develop problems over time. If you’re not proactive, it can become costly as it makes it harder for your HVAC system to work properly. What are the signs your ducts need restoration or repair?

Your System’s Airflow Decreases

The cool air being blown into your rooms doesn’t seem as strong as it used to be. There’s a problem with airflow that can be caused by several issues. One of them is that your air filter is dirty.

You should replace your air filter every month or two. A home with more pets might need monthly changes than a single-person home with no pets. It’s a good idea to check your air filters each month and see if they need changing. If not, you’ll start to get a feel for how often to change them.

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, you could have a problem with the fans pushing air around. Have you been hearing any unusual noises? Noises shouldn’t be ignored. Hopefully, it’s just the air filter, but it’s important to rule out anything and have it fixed to prevent damage to your system that requires expensive repairs or replacement.

Someone’s Allergies and Asthma Are Worsening

Do you or another person in your home suffer from mold and mildew allergies typically? If you’re finding your symptoms keep increasing, you could have mold and mildew in the ducts. See if you can see anything when you sign a flashlight into the ducts from a register or vent. If you don’t, hire a professional to inspect your ducts.

It’s not worth dealing with advancing symptoms. Mold can cause alarming health issues. Have them addressed before you’re experiencing things like migraines, shortness of breath, and skin rashes.

Animals Are in the Ducts

Have you heard animals running around in your ducts? To get into the ducts, they need to have found a tear, hole, or crack. You do not want rats, mice, squirrels, and other animals in your ducts. If they die, it’s unsanitary and going to make your home smell awful.

You need to find out how they got in and have a Miami AC expert fix your ducts. If an animal dies in your ducts, duct restoration is essential as you don’t want the bacteria being released throughout your home.

The Ducts Have Visible Holes or Rust

When you examine any ducts you can see, do they have visible holes or rust? If you can spot issues like holes, tears, or rust, you need to have them professionally repaired. Your ducts shouldn’t have cracks, holes, rust spots, or tears in the seams.

It’s not always going to be easy to view every inch of ducts in your home. That’s why you should have an AC technician use a camera to view all of the ducts every few years.

You See Dust and Debris Build Up

Are you spotting dust and debris on your vent covers and registers? If it’s coming from the vents and not a particularly dusty home, you need a professional cleaning of the ducts. It’s better for your health, and it keeps your central AC system running efficiently.

Your Energy Bills Increase

Do your electricity bills keep going up? If you’ve ruled out other issues like an appliance that’s running more than usual, new electronics, etc., check your ducts. If airflow is impeded, it can make an AC system work harder, which drives up your bills.

When you clean your ducts and have them restored when needed, it helps reduce your energy bills. Your system runs efficiently, lasts longer, and breaks down less often.

Mold Is Visible

Are you seeing green or black streaks in your ducts or on registers? You have a mold problem. It needs addressing ASAP. Duct restoration is a specialized AC service where a mold resistant, antibacterial agent is applied inside the ducts. This cleans your ducts and makes them sanitary again.

Unpleasant Odors Fill the Home

Foul odors signify one of a few things. First, you might have mold and mildew in the ducts. That needs to be addressed. You do not want mold and mildew spores blowing out into your rooms. 

Another issue can be a rodent that got into your ducts and died. If that’s happened, you do not want to keep breathing that in. 

The Rooms Don’t Cool Sufficiently

Even though your AC system has been running all day, rooms in your home feel warmer than they should. This is a sign that your ducts are blocked for some reason. You might be losing cold air to the walls and attic within your home if there are holes or cracks. It’s not ideal and must be addressed.

Start by checking the air filter. Is it dirty? Hold it up to the light to view it. It shouldn’t be impossible to see though. If it is dirty, change the filter and that should fix things. If your AC still isn’t cooling your home effectively, inspect your air vents to make sure you don’t have a build-up of hair, fur, or dust that’s blocking airflow. Vacuum the vents if you spot issues.

If that doesn’t help, check the ducts to see if there are signs of damage. Start in the attic and see if there are any visible issues. Feel around the ducts for cold air leaks. A professional AC technician in Miami can help you diagnose problems and provide duct restoration services if it’s time.

How Often Should You Clean Your Ducts?

The National Duct Cleaners Association recommends that homeowners clean their ducts every three to five years. If you have underlying health issues like asthma or allergies, more frequent cleaning, no more than three years between cleanings, is recommended.

Certain factors can increase the frequency of duct cleanings and inspections. If there are smokers in the house, you should clean them more often. Pets, remodeling or renovation projects, and water damage all heighten the need for duct service. If you happen to have a wood stove,  fireplace, or pellet stove for heat on cooler winter days, it can increase the amount of dust in your home.

If you’ve just moved into the home, you could be exposed to pet dander and the prior residents’ cigarette, cigar, or pipe smoke. If a duct service wasn’t completed as part of the closing requirements, have the ducts inspected and cleaned. If restoration is recommended, make sure that it is completed.

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