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According to Zillow, Miami home values have increased by 7.5% in the past year. The average home value is $554,261. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports that 38% of home sales were for homes built no earlier than 1979. Another 48.1% of homes were built between 1980 and 2009. 

Due to the age of these homes, buyers are going to be hesitant. They don’t want to spend hundreds of thousands on a home to then find out a costly central AC replacement is needed. Having proper AC maintenance helps. The newer your AC system, the better it is for your home’s resale value.

When it’s time to sell your Miami home, a working AC is something buyers look for. If you have AC maintenance records, it can make your home far more appealing to a buyer who is torn between a few choices. With 72.7% of homes selling for less than the listed price, everything you do to increase the amount your home sells for is beneficial.

The Impact of AC Maintenance on a Home’s Asking Price

Southern Florida’s heat and humidity can be unbearable, which is why a working central AC system is so valuable. Not only does an AC system keep your home, but it also helps control humidity and keeps the air clean and free of common allergens.

The cost of a new central AC depends on the SEER2 rating, the square footage being cooled, the condition of the existing ducts, and labor costs. While you’re never going to recover all of that in the increase in your home’s value, a new system can increase your resale value by as much as 10%. High-efficiency AC systems provide an ROI of upwards of 85%.

Suppose you are selling your home for $400,000, but the central AC system is already 10 years old. At best, the new owner may get another five years from it. That may make the buyer hesitant to offer the full asking price. Instead, they look into the average cost of an AC replacement in Miami and see the Angi estimate of upwards of $8,000. 

Worried about having to replace it right after moving in, they offer $392,000 instead of your asking price. If you have paperwork to prove the AC system is in good shape and doesn’t need repairs, you could get the full $400,000. Replace the system and you might get offers over $405,000 as buyers know they’re starting with a brand new, warrantied system.

Even if you cannot afford a brand-new system, maintenance records provide proof that you’re taking proper care of your system. Have it inspected and cleaned before the transfer of a home so that the new owners have peace of mind that it’s working properly. If repairs are needed, complete them before your home transfers to the new owner.

Other Tips for Boosting Your Home’s Resale Value

A well-maintained AC system and ducts that are clean and intact help boost your home’s resale value, but it’s not the only thing to consider. Ask your HVAC company about other energy-efficient upgrades like attic insulation, smart thermostats, and heat pump water heaters. 

Some projects are DIY projects like honeycomb blinds on your windows, insulated room darkening patio door blinds, and weatherstripping or caulking that keeps drafts from occurring around doors and windows. If you’re not able to install ceiling fans on your own, hire an electrician or handyman to do it for you. Ceiling fans help circulate conditioned air, which can help reduce energy consumption.

An aesthetically pleasing home is also more likely to increase the resale value. Give things a fresh coat of paint. Ask your AC technician if you should turn off the AC while painting and whether you need to take any extra measures to avoid circulating paint fumes around the home. Turning on fans and opening windows is ideal. At the very least you should change your air filter after the paint dries.

Flowers and splashes of color near the entryway draw the eye and add curb appeal. As buyers head inside, make sure there’s no clutter or foul odors. You might not smell your pets, but others might. Make sure your AC system isn’t circulating air that smells mildewy or like a dog or cat. 

What Is the Ideal Maintenance Routine?

What is the best AC maintenance routine to follow? You should be using an upholstery brush to vacuum hair and fur away from the register and vent covers each week. Every one or two months, replace your air filter.

A couple of times a year, clean the AC coils inside and out. A good rule of thumb is to do it with the time change. Check that fallen leaves, grass, and fallen branches aren’t blocking your outdoor unit. The indoor and outdoor units have aluminum fins that bend easily. If you have a fin comb, you can restore them to the proper position. If not, an AC technician can do it for you.

Here are things you should hire a Miami AC professional to do once a year. 

  • Clean evaporator and condenser coils.
  • Check the refrigerant levels and look for leaks.
  • Inspect the condenser fan and motor.
  • Check the electrical wiring and all connections.
  • Flush the drain pan, if needed.
  • Look at the condensate line for blockages and clean it.
  • Test the thermostat.
  • Examine the ducts for damage, gaps, and mildew/mold growth.

You should have your ducts cleaned every five years or so. Not everyone needs to have this done, but ducts that have cracks, holes, rodent damage, etc. should be repaired to ensure cold and warm air aren’t escaping into your walls, crawlspace, closets, or attic. If there is mold or mildew buildup or signs of cockroaches in your ducts, duct sanitization or restoration may be recommended. If you have pets or foul odors in your house, duct cleaning is essential.

Call All Year Cooling for a System Evaluation Before You Sell Your Home

Arrange a comprehensive AC system evaluation and cleaning with All Year Cooling before you sell your home. Our Southern Florida AC technicians go over your system, tell you what may need repairs soon, and if there are problems that might turn potential buyers off. You’ll have paperwork to prove your system is in good condition. Keep all maintenance paperwork for buyers to look at.

If it’s time for a new AC system to ensure you get the highest sales price for your home, we’ll help you find the best system that meets current SEER2 regulations while also providing instant rebates through FPL and tax incentives with the government. The best time for annual maintenance and repairs is in the off-season. Once summer arrives, technicians are busier, so it may be harder to get an appointment that matches your availability.

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