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Wireless Fidelity, Wi-Fi for short, is a type of technology that provides high-speed internet access through a network of radio waves. It’s how devices like smartphones, laptops, and gaming systems connect to a home’s internet service without having cables running all over the home.

Many modern central air conditioning systems use Wi-Fi and the internet for everything from diagnostics and maintenance to climate control and analytics tracking. Learn more about the role of Wi-Fi connectivity in a new AC unit.

Why Do Modern AC Units Offer Wi-Fi Technology?

Why bother linking your AC to your internet? Wi-Fi enabled AC units feature several benefits that past models never had. 

Temperature Control Through the App

You can control them from anywhere, as long as you have the app installed on your phone, tablet, or laptop. If you’re at work, you can check on the temperature and get alerts if something is wrong. If you want to set up a customized schedule to have your system turn the temperature up when you leave for work and down when you’re driving home, it’s easy to do from the app. 

As you can control temperate schedules from anywhere, it helps with energy consumption. Adjusting your system to be a couple of degrees higher during the day and cooler when you’re home and sleeping helps you use less energy. 

While the app allows you to set schedules and change the temperature, it doesn’t mean you lose access through your home thermostats. You also have them when you’re home and can easily use them to adjust the temperature.


When something is wrong, your Miami AC technician can access the system’s smart technology and see what’s wrong. If it’s possible to fix an issue without having to drive to your home, the technician can do that. Otherwise, the technician gains insight into what’s wrong before leaving the office or warehouse.

Diagnostic tools like this save a lot of hassle. Instead of having a technician come to your home, diagnose the problem, realize the parts aren’t available, and need to make another appointment, the problem’s fixed in that first appointment. You’re not struggling to make sure someone is home another day, which means taking another day off work if you live alone.

System Analytics

Wi-Fi enabled systems enable you to track usage, making it easy to see how much energy your system consumes throughout the day. If there is a problem, you’ll notice the spikes in energy usage and know to call your AC technician for a service call.

You might access some of this information through your power company, but you won’t be able to narrow it down specifically to your AC system. With Wi-Fi enabled AC, you can track the exact energy consumption your system uses each hour, day, and month.

With this kind of information constantly available, you can also observe the monthly power consumption. That makes it easier to set consumption limits and learn how to keep your electricity bills from surprising you.

Easier Maintenance

Your AC system’s efficiency improves when you take the time to schedule or perform routine maintenance. Wi-Fi enabled AC systems have reminders that ensure you don’t miss a filter change. Some systems also have reminders for annual maintenance, on-site predictive maintenance, and indoor air quality (IAQ) alerts.

Take Carrier’s Infinity® system controls. The system monitors and manages the temperature, humidity, airflow, and air quality in as many as eight different zones. It also offers system diagnostics and filter replacement reminders. Carrier’s system works with Android and iOS devices and computers.

A system requires routine maintenance to work properly. If you’re prone to forgetting that it’s time to change a filter, rinse off coils, vacuum register covers, or have an AC technician complete an annual inspection and cleaning of your system, set reminders.

The Benefits of Smart Controls

One of the best reasons to have Wi-Fi connectivity is the availability of smart controls. Wi-Fi enabled thermostats and air conditioners communicate to ensure the different zones in your home are set to the ideal temperature. You can control these temperatures not only through your thermostat but also through an app on your smartwatch, smartphone, or voice-activated smart speaker. 

If you’re driving home from work, you can use your smartwatch to tell your AC system to make your home cooler. You’ve saved money during the day by turning up the thermostat a couple of degrees, but you want to walk into a cool, comfortable home. Use Wi-Fi enabled technology to set timers for when you go to sleep and get up, when you’re going on vacation, or to alert you if something is wrong with your system.

Imagine the frustration and damage you prevent by getting notifications if your home’s temperature climbs past a certain degree or if the humidity increases too much. Wi-Fi enabled AC systems can do that.

When you catch problems as early as possible, you avoid costly clean-up costs related to mildew from excess humidity, water that’s leaked onto flooring, or mold growth inside your ducts.

What Happens if You Don’t Have Wi-Fi?

What if you don’t have Wi-Fi? While it’s uncommon to find homes without internet service, only 88.8% of the state’s households had access to broadband. Miami-Dade County’s rate is slightly lower than that at 84.5%. What do those households do?

The lack of Wi-Fi doesn’t mean you can’t have central AC or an energy-efficient AC system. You still can, you just miss out on things like smart thermostats for now. When you can afford broadband internet or it becomes accessible, you can add those features later.

Federal tax credits and Southern Florida’s instant rebates for FPL customers don’t require you to choose a Wi-Fi enabled system. What matters is that you pick the right SEER2 rating. If you can do Wi-Fi systems, however, it’s the best way to ensure you’re taking every step to keep your home cool without causing spiked energy costs.

You should talk to your Miami AC specialist to determine the best central AC system for your home if you don’t have Wi-Fi. You may not need to spend extra on a Wi-Fi-enabled AC system. There are many AC systems with high SEER2 ratings that don’t require the internet to work. All Year Cooling can help you understand your options and assist you with narrowing down your options.

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