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ENERGY STAR has released its list of the six most energy-efficient ACs for 2023. All Year Cooling is adding four of our top choices for the most energy-efficient HVAC systems this year. All ten of these systems are well worth the money you spend, and with rebates and tax incentives, you won’t have to spend as much as you’re initially thinking.

Before we get started, one area we’re focusing on is the SEER2 rating. Remember that the higher the SEER2 rating, the more efficient the system is. With Miami’s hot, humid weather, you want the highest SEER2 you can afford. Your energy bills will appreciate it!

#1 – Amana ASXC7 (17.2 SEER2)

If a two-speed central AC is suitable for your home’s cooling needs, the ASXC7 is a great choice. This model features a two-stage Copeland Ultra-Tech scroll compressor (it moves in a circle instead of the usual up and down motions like a piston), a two-speed quiet outdoor fan motor, and ComfortBridge and CoolCloud Bluetooth diagnostics.

ComfortBridge technology allows the different components of your HVAC system to “talk,” which helps with diagnostics and efficient operation. CoolCloud is the Bluetooth app that allows you to view the conversations your system has and take action if there is any issue.

#2 – Amana ASXV9 (22.5 SEER2)

With this high-efficiency, variable-speed split system, you’ll save money on your energy bills and enjoy whisper-quiet operation thanks to the sound-control blanket above the compressor. The ASXV9 also uses ComfortBridge Technology and CoolCloud.

#3 – Carrier Infinity 19 VS (19 SEER2)

Carrier Infinity 18 VS is a mid-range central air conditioner with a variable-speed compressor that can drop down to a stage that’s as low as 25% of the full capacity. As it can drop down to such a low speed, it’s a master at removing humidity.

It uses the Silencer System II and a sound blanket on the compressor to keep noise to a minimum. It also features precision settings to ensure your home’s climate is exactly where you want it.

#4 – Daikin DX7TC (17.2 SEER2)

The DX7TC is a lower-cost split-system AC with a variable-speed blower and two-stage scroll compressor. It’s a good choice if you want to pair your AC with a gas furnace for heating, should it get cold enough to need heat. One of the benefits of this model is that it has a UV-protecting powder-coat finish to protect against Florida’s intense sun.

#5 – Daikin DX9VC (22.5 SEER2)

If you have a little more to spend, the Daikin DX9VC is even better. It has a variable-speed compressor and swing and scroll compressor that has a sound blanket for quiet operation. Diagnostic indicator lights alert you to any problems. Plus, it has onboard diagnostics with Daikin Inside and fault-code storage for easy retrieval.

#6 – Goodman GSXC7 (17.2 SEER2)

With enhanced airflow in this two-stage scroll compressor, you get high efficiency at a lower price point. Goodman includes ComfortBridge technology to enable your AC system and other HVAC components to converse and ensure they’re working at peak performance. It also has ComfortAlert built-in diagnostics and CoolCloud Bluetooth technology.

#7 – Goodman GSXV9 (22.5 SEER2)

The GSXV9 features many of the same benefits as the 17.2 SEER2 model, but this one is much more efficient. Sensors continually monitor the ambient and coil temperatures for optimal performance, and there’s a sound blanket made of high-density foam over the compressor to buffer any operating noises. It also has a filter dryer to lower the risk of contaminants getting into your ducts.

#8 – Trane XV17i (17.2 SEER2)

This used to be the XL18i, but it’s been renamed for 2023. Estimated yearly energy savings are 44%, and the efficiency rating is 17.2 SEER2. It has two speeds and is one of the quietest Trane central AC systems at no more than 74 decibels. Check out these top reasons homeowners love this system.

CleanEffects Whole Air Home Cleaner system is ideal for residents with allergies and asthma.

Uses a DuraTuff base pan and Climatuff compressor that does not corrode, wear out quickly, or become exposed to weather extremes.

Sound insulation is on the compressor to keep noise to a minimum.

#9 – Trane XV18 (18 SEER2)

Rely on Trane XV18 to cut your energy and operating costs by 44%. Its efficiency rating is up to 18 SEER2. While the XL18i/XV17i is one of the quietest, it’s topped by the XV18, which has a noise level as low as 55 decibels. It features many of the other qualities of the 17i, but it adds communication features and a variable speed system.

With the Trane XV18, your system can calibrate, charge, and configure settings through communications with the system’s other components to ensure optimal performance every day of the year. Variable speed ensures that the AC is performing well and keeping your home cool without any fluctuation.

#10 – Trane XV20i (21.5 SEER2)

The Trane XV20i has the highest efficiency rating of the three with up to 21.5 SEER2 and energy savings of 53%. The noise rating is similar at no more than 75 decibels on this variable-speed central AC system.

It uses TruComfort technology with a variable speed system to ensure optimal comfort, even on the hottest day of the year. All of the other benefits of the Trane models we’ve mentioned, including the communication technology, are found in this system.

We have one more thing to mention about Trane. Work with a Trane Comfort Specialist like All Year Cooling and ask about Trane’s 0% APR, 60-month Special Financing Offer.

When Is It Time to Upgrade Your System?

Work with an expert in Florida installation, maintenance, and repairs. A well-maintained AC system in Florida may last for 15 years, but constant use tends to have them making it to 10 years before the wear leads to frequent, often costly, repairs. A new HVAC system is an investment, but it’s going to pay for itself with improved efficiency leading to lower operating costs.

Are you considering upgrading your HVAC system? It’s a great time to do so thanks to federal tax incentives of 30% and FPL rebates of $150. Plus, an ENERGY STAR-eligible system will slash your electricity bills.

Always work with a professional to ensure you’re getting the best system for your needs. A system that’s bigger than you need will not save more money. It’s cooling your home too quickly, so humidity will increase, and the system turns on and off regularly. A system that’s too small will run for too long and waste money. That’s why it’s so important to partner with a professional Florida HVAC professional.

If you have a central air conditioning system that’s more than 10 years old, it’s a good time to discuss the benefits of upgrading to an energy-efficient HVAC system. When you use All Year Cooling for a new AC installation, you have support before, during, and after the installation. We provide competitive financing, insight into the tax incentives and rebates that help you save money, and same-day installations.

When you schedule an appointment with All Year Cooling, ask about our extended labor warranty program. For a reasonable fee, you could have 10 years of protection that includes labor and refrigerants, something the manufacturer’s limited warranty rarely covers. With an energy-efficient HVAC system and an extended labor warranty, you have free service calls, unlimited repairs, and far less stress.

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