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Within the York® LX Series is the YFK Two-Stage Air Conditioner. This AC unit provides efficient comfort, system flexibility, and trusted quality. With the unit being flexible and efficient, it allows comfort to be displayed as a two-stage compressor that provides quiet, efficient operation that keeps the system in cruise control. The system flexibility holds a compact footprint that allows the unit to fit between tight spaces–without having to limit the unit’s efficiency, capacity, or performance. Also in the system’s flexibility is humidity control. This is a system of two-stage operation that enables longer run times compared to other single-stage equipment.

Trusted quality is embedded in this unit, including a 1-year Labor Limited Warranty, 10-year Parts Limited Warranty, and a 10-year Compressor Limited Warranty. The YFK Two-Stage Air Conditioners has a state-of-the-art quality control and assembly processes built in the manufacturing expertise of Johnson Controls, a company that puts integrity first, is purpose-led, future-focused, and customer-driven. This company has also received multiple awards regarding their manufacturing expertise, such as the high Achiever Award in Enterprise Integration Technology Leadership Award. Johnson Controls helped to implement optimized efficiency and independent endorsements, keeping York® units fitting perfectly in your home while delivering boosted levels of efficiency.

Why is Two-stage better? First of all, it conserves energy and over the months, you will save money on your energy bills. Not only that, but the unit actually switches from 100% to 60%. This means that the speed varies from completely on to slower speeds as the temperatures change throughout the day. With single stage, it only turns on and off. This wears out your system and doesn’t extend the life of your unit like a two stage unit does.

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